UNHEARD/OF Ignites New ODESZA Music Video
By Oz Online | Published on July 19, 2017

UNHEARD/OF director Dan Brown bring sci-fi to ODESZA’s new music video for Line of Sight.

Working with other great post/VFX specialists like “World Famous,” they created the new music video for ODEZSA’s latest single “Line of Sight,” which offers a juxtaposition of sci-fi within a tropical paradise, matching the music in unique ways.

The storyline of the song follows a boy and a robot stuck on a lonely island, creating a narrative for the UNHEARD/OF to bring to visual life. Dan Brown shared that “The track is so big and open it just felt like it was tailor made for putting a story under it,” he says. “I focused on trying to convey something that was serious with a little melancholy but would ultimately be about hope and the human spirit to adapt and survive. In many ways I like to think of it like a parable with a science fiction twist but at the core it’s an adventure story, a kid lost in the jungle trying to live another day where he gets help from a robot instead of a pack of wolves.”

Most of the music video was shot over three days in Hawaii before going to post-production. “Along with the challenges you’d expect from shooting in the Hawaiian tropical rainforest with a small crew, the VFX required a complex, multidisciplinary approach and a whole lot of planning,” recalls Casey Steele, head of production at World Famous. “Still, all challenges were handled by a robust and talented post team and thankfully, we had the resources at the ready to really play and explore the art of it all.”

ODESZA members Clay Knight and Harrison Mills had an easy time picking Dan Brown for the project, as he created the video for their song “It’s Only” a few years back and were thrilled with his work.

The company added a special treat for Dan Brown and ODESZA fans, a behind the scenes style video has been released to show what they go through to create a music video like this:


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