UGA to Launch Film Industry Training Masters Program
By Oz Online | Published on February 15, 2019

Entertainment industry aimed Masters degree to launch at UGA

UGA student

The University of Georgia has been given the green light to launch a new Master’s degree program in fine arts that allows for a major in film, television and digital media. The new program would help train and prepare people for the bustling entertainment industry in Georgia, and continue to keep locals heavily involved with Georgia filmed projects. The degree program will offer classes to train people in writing, producing, editing, directing, filming, and other necessary aspects of the industry. The goal is to help train people more on the creative aspect of film and television, to help bolster new content creation not just technical and production work.

The new program will be two years long to complete. During a students first year, they will study on campus in Athens, but for the second year they will be immersed by learning and living at Pinewood Studio’s community, Pinewood Forest.


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