“She opened her home. They opened her eyes.” –Georgia-Filmed “The Good Lie”
By Oz Online | Published on July 21, 2014

From the executive producers that brought us “The Blind Side” comes another inspiring film that is based on a true story. Reese Witherspoon stars as American woman Carrie Davis in “The Good Lie.” Carrie is a no-nonsense single woman, who assists four Sudanese refugees adjust to their new home in the United States. At first, she’s reluctant to the idea of offering more assistance than she originally agreed to. Once she hears the stories of the refugees, she is determined to change their lives. The story revolves around the “Lost Boys of Sudan.” During the Second Sudanese Civil War (1983-2005), more than 3,000 “lost boys” won the lottery of relocation to the United States. Unfortunately, after the events of September 11, 2001, the program was suspended for several months, as shown in “The Good Lie.” Carrie must fight to reunite the refugees with their sister who has been left behind in Sudan as a prisoner of war.

The film is set to hit theaters October 3, 2014

Video from Come Tour Georgia website


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