OZ EXCLUSIVE: Stacey Abrams speaks with Oz Magazine- Discourages the Hollywood boycott
By Oz Online | Published on June 12, 2019

OZ EXCLUSIVE: June 11th- After spending an industrious day in Hollywood, Stacey Abrams took time to speak to OZ about her efforts to discourage a film and television boycott of Georgia.

An advocate of the “stay and fight” position also, taken by members of the Georgia production community and a number of Hollywood creatives, Abrams met and spoke with “a packed room” of showrunners, producers, directors, executives and representatives of the Hollywood film industry. Abrams gave a persuasive talk on behalf of Georgians. She wrapped the event with Q&A she called, “incredibly productive.” She warned of the “seismic effect that will ripple across Georgia and stymie progress” if Hollywood boycott’s the state.

“I was glad to be able to bring forward the concerns of those on the ground in Georgia,” Abrams told Oz Magazine. More of Abrams interview and much more to follow in OZ’s July/August issue.

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