Nine Mile Revs Up Jay Rock
By Oz Online | Published on January 21, 2019

Nine Mile Circle provided the visual effects firepower for Win, the new music video from Jay Rock.

Nine Mile’s creative director, Les Umberger, served as visual effects supervisor on the project, which was directed by Dave Meyers and Dave Free. Win is the first single from Redemption, Jay Rock’s new album for Top Dawg Entertainment.

The video presents him, and guest Kendrick Lamar, in a series of surreal scenarios, with all the action cast in muted tones and woven together seamlessly. The arresting visuals evoke the rapper’s struggles growing up in Watts and determination to win at any cost.Umberger worked closely with the director in designing and executing the video’s many other-worldly effects.

He was on-set during two days of production in Los Angeles, and supervised post production visual effects work at Nine Miles’ Atlanta facility. “Dave Meyer’s creative is always on point,” Umberger says. “This was an excellent opportunity to do very creative and artistic work…it was awesome.”

Umberger shot a variety of effects elements during production, including pyrotechnics shot in super slow motion with a Phantom camera. They were later composited into a battlefield environment where they appear to be tracer missiles streaking through the sky. They also shot slow motion of stunt talent performing back flips and other acrobatic feats. Umberger’s team also produced a 3D matte painting of a Watts neighborhood with thick clouds and lighting, for a scene where Jay Rock pushes a man, riddled with arrows, off a rooftop.


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