Milledgeville-Eatonton Film Festival Returns for Fifth-Year Run
By Oz Online | Published on March 9, 2018

The annual Milledgeville-Eatonton Film Festival will return this April 24-29, featuring five fun-filled days of screenings and competitions. “Features and shorts are welcome in a contest that mixes our city’s history and new filmmakers with our Oliver Hardy Comedy Award and Central State Hospital horror screening,” the MEFF said in an official statement. There will be red carpet regalia, an awards ceremony and reception dinner, and even a midnight horror screening at the site of the famous mental hospital often used as a filming location. “It is branded as a Southern Gothic-themed film event, created by filmmakers for filmmakers,” says MEFF. The festival, first held in 2013, was such a success that MEFF has expanded to include nearby Eatonton for the fifth installment.

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