Gypsy Rose Music Hall Comes to Roswell
By Oz Online | Published on October 17, 2018

New music venue under way in Historic Downtown Roswell

The Gypsy Rose Music Hall is set to be built by the end of this year in Downtown Roswell. The new music venue will be replacing “A Classy Clutter” at 964 Alpharetta Street. Roswell officials in development have reported that the space will be used for live music, private events, live karaoke, and themed parties. The venue will be open from Wednesday through Sunday. Sources working with the venue also said to expect food trucks and other fun surprises to be frequenting the spot. Adding to the fun of nightlife by Canton street, this venue hopes to expand the experience of those heading downtown in Roswell.

Brittany Crooms is the lifeblood and manager behind the new venue, she explained in a blog in August that the music hall was created “out of a passion for merging music, entertainment, and community… My vision for Gypsy Rose is to create a beautiful community connecting people who love and appreciate music. A place where people can let lose, meet new people, dance like nobody is watching and support these musical magicians following their dreams…. helping to get the word out so they can keep inspiring us all to come together in love, respect and community.”


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