Georgia Local to Host Knight Fight on History Channel
By Oz Online | Published on November 5, 2018

John Clements will host Knight Fight on History Channel

Source: Youtube

Georgia local John Clements gears up for his important role in the new show Knight Fight. The TV series will be new to History Channel, debuting November 28th at 10pm. Clements, who runs Iron Door Studios in Georgia, will serve as the judge and co-host of the program.

The show comes from Matador Content and features six fighters who get to customize their weaponry and armor in an effort to participate, and hopefully prevail, in full scale battles. Iron Door Studios is located in Dallas Georgia, built specifically for historical fencing and honoring the medieval and traditional styles. John Clements is considered a renowned specialist in the Art of Defense of this era and style. Georgia fencing will be proudly represented as Clements brings great expertise to the History Channel.


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