Georgia-based Peach Maria Productions and Zero Density Launch Virtual Production Studio
By Oz Online | Published on February 24, 2021

Atlanta-based production company selected by Zero Density Reality Engine for Virtual/XR Production Studio

Virtual production software developer Zero Density and Peach Maria Productions has joined in a strategic partnership. The agreement will make Peach Maria Productions — producers of the upcoming reality competition series, GAMEMASTER, with host Wil Wheaton — the largest Reality Engine virtual production operation in the world by the end of 2021.

With a 10,000 square foot, purpose-built virtual production sound stage, the new studio will include 13 computing engines, 12 cameras, and real-time rendering. Accompanying support space will include audio and video editing bays, broadcast studios and offices. Peach Maria will oversee the space, including booking it for third party productions beginning in the fall of 2021.

Zero Density is the provider of virtual production/XR software based on the Unreal Engine for film and television studios. They serve a global client base, including BBC, Canal+, Fox Sports, NEP and The Weather Channel. Atlanta-based Peach Maria Productions will bring the new studio on-line in 2021 for production of its new series GAMEMASTER.

“When we first met Peach Maria Productions, we knew they were visionaries. They saw the full potential of the technology and not just what it can achieve today but in the long run as well. We’re thrilled to become strategic partners to such an organization,” Territory Sales Manager at Zero Density, Onur Gulenc, said. “Zero Density’s disruptive and future-proof Reality suite redefines real-time virtual and augmented reality productions around the globe. It provides sophistication alongside ease of use, raises the bar with every new release and product. Together, Peach Maria Productions and Zero Density will break the mold in the industry and push what is possible.”

“While evaluating real-time rendering capabilities and virtual production technologies, we knew we wanted to base our workflows on an Unreal Engine platform — but needed a level of functionality to produce the broad range of productions we have slated,”Peach Maria Productions President and GAMEMASTER creator, John Colp, said. “We wanted to focus on the capabilities of the platform, how it would align with our use cases, and an ability to achieve a high quality of work at scale. With Zero Density, we are at the forefront of virtual production technology and able to create tremendous experiences for our audiences across a diverse range of content.”

GAMEMASTER will be the first reality show featuring elements created in the Zero Density Reality Engine.


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