By Oz Online | Published on August 25, 2020

Aggressor Adventures, leading adventure travel brand, and Wild Harvest Productions are diving into the wild countryside of Belize to discover the beauty and bounty of local, sustainable harvesting during a few special episodes of Les Stroud’s Wild Harvest. The show will premiere on Public Television presented by American Public Television, available nationwide beginning October 1, 2020.

Survivorman Les Stroud and renowned Chef Paul Rogalski are joining Aggressor Adventures’ CEO Wayne Brown and Executive Chef Trainer Edward Mendoza in Belize for the ultimate journey aboard the Belize Aggressor III. The crew will hunt and gather edibles unique to the Caribbean, including lobster, conch, crabs, lionfish and coconut. Les Stroud’s Wild Harvest will educate and inspire viewers on the wonders of creating an amazing feast through the natural harvesting of wild plants and animals.

Just imagine taking a stroll in a backyard, local park, city greenbelt or forest and being able to find ingredients that’ll create a delicious meal that can be shared with family and friends. Or better yet, find the necessary ingredients to create wine and beer! Les Stroud’s Wild Harvest will bring to life a master forager’s skill in finding tasty vegetables, greens, spices, mushrooms, and wild edibles, with the expertise of a five-star chef, resulting in an amazing feast made from the bounty harvested.

Aggressor Adventures presently features delicious ingredients aboard their Belize Liveaboard adventures and anticipates recreating the recipes featured on the Les Stroud’s Wild Harvest for future charter guests. Aggressor’s guests will also have the opportunity to visit the local spots highlighted in the show for an opportunity to become more engaged and learn more about local foraging.

“Discovering the beauty and bounty of nature through sustainable harvesting is a gift that we cannot wait to share with our viewers and guests,” states Brown. “We’re ready to share our experience of sustainably sourcing and creating foods from what we find right outside our ship!”

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