Esports Arena Coming to Macon

Artisan Interests of Atlanta recently (developers is very vague) purchased a 1920’s Egyptian-themed Shrine Temple in Macon, Georgia for the purpose of turning it into an esports arena and hotel with 400-space parking deck. Artisan Interests was founded by two brothers and focuses on commercial construction and land investment advisory services. The Al Sihah Shrine cost them $1.5 million and is located next to Macon City Hall in downtown Macon.

The property has about an acre of land, and the blueprint for the project was drawn up by renowned architectural firm, Nelson Worldwide. Currently, the shrine is 34,791 square-feet of stone and brick. The developers plan on turning that into an arena type seating tournament room, a café, and individual gaming rooms. The hotel will have to be built from the ground up and be connected to the existing building. They envision four to five floors and 125 to 145 rooms. The plan for the parking deck is a bit murkier with ideas floating around to put it underneath the hotel or across the street.

Looking ahead, Artisan Interests believes there can be substantial success in the massive global market of gaming. It is a billion dollar industry that only has room to go up. Proximity to Atlanta is a big reason why they think an esports arena will work so well. As of right now, the plan is shooting for the stars, but it remains fluid because the developers know adjustments will have to be made. The hope is to begin construction sometime in 2022.