‘Council of Dads’: Cast offers guide to Savannah
By Oz Online | Published on February 22, 2020

The cast of Council Of Dads has many favorites across Savannah.

Sarah Wayne Callies asked fans to join her for an Instagram live session earlier today. She then surprised everyone by having several of her Council of Dads castmates on with her. Fans heard from J. August Richards, Michele Weaver, Michael O’Neill and Clive Standen along with Sarah.

Topics ranged from describing their characters to sharing their favorite things about Savannah, GA where Council of Dads films on location. The cast had several favorite eateries, an appreciation for Savannah’s landscape and a funny theory about Spanish moss from J. August Richards. Find out some interesting things they shared about Savannah.

Spanish moss

J. August Richards plays Dr. Oliver Post on Council of Dads. There is no doubt he will be a great story teller in that role. We know from today, however, that J. can truly spin a “yarn”. The charismatic actor shared a funny theory about the Spanish moss that hangs from trees in the Southern coastal town.

J. suggests that the real Spanish moss died long ago and has since been replaced by materials purchased at Michael’s craft store and Party City. He then does an imitation of someone that he said carefully strung yarn across tree limbs and “frizzed it out”. Hilarity ensues!

The great outdoorsThe cast definitely has a fondness for the beautiful landscape and striking architecture in Savannah. Micheal O’Neill (dad Larry Mills) commented on how much he enjoys taking walks there. Michele Weaver (Luly Perry) told fans about the beauty of Savannah’s beaches, trees, sunny days and even the “pretty rain” that falls.Michele also referred to the rich history of Savannah and how each street has its own unique flavor. Speaking of characters, Michael pointed out that Savannah is really one of the characters on the show, not just its location.

Michele talked about the long history of freed Black families living and working in Savannah since the 1790s. One of those places is Cuyler-Brownsville where the show has filmed.

Clive Standen (dad Anthony Lavelle) marveled at the islands and how traversing a bridge in Savannah takes you to a whole new place.

Hot spots

The cast gave shout outs to several of their favorite establishments in Savannah.

Here are some of the hot spots mentioned:

  • The Crab Shack

  • Husk restaurant

  • Savannah Coffee Roasters

  • E. Shaver, Bookseller

  • Good Times Jazz Bar & Restaurant

The cast revealed that Husk doubles as Anthony’s “Atlanta” restaurant for the show. The Crab Shack is also widely used for filming.

There is clearly a wonderful camaraderie among the cast of Council of Dads. We can look forward to them portraying a loving, albeit unconventional, family when the series premieres March 10th on NBC.

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