Collegiate eSports Commissioner’s Cup Happening This May!
By Oz Online | Published on May 3, 2022

A massive eSports event is coming to Atlanta in the form of the Collegiate eSports Commissioner’s Cup (CECC). ESPORTSU recently announced a partnership with the Atlanta Hawks, Atlanta eSports Alliance, and Skillshot Media for the CECC on May 6-8th, 2022, at the Gateway Center Arena in Atlanta.

CECC is one of the largest eSports events in the world and will offer a festival-like experience with food trucks, live music, career fairs, and a cosplay contest for fans and competitors.

“CECC is dedicated solely to the development of collegiate esports and student athletes, which we believe are the workforce and talent of the future,” said the executive vice president of ESPORTSU, Angela Bernhard Thomas. “We will put students center stage to not only showcase their competitive skills, but through alliances and partnerships with other industry leaders, create an electric festival atmosphere to celebrate them and all things gaming and esports.”

eSports student athletes will play in scheduled tournaments, and fans can participate in open-play tournaments and free-play gaming. The top games featured in competition are Overwatch, Rocket League, NBA 2K, Super Smash Brothers, and Valorant. ESPORTSU will also reveal more games in the weeks leading up to the event.

To earn their way to the CECC, students will compete in regional events scheduled for the weeks leading up to the event. The tournament winner will receive the Commissioner’s Cup, and various other prizes will be awarded to top competitors.

The Cup will stream on ESPORTSU’s twitch channel as well as ESTV, the first live TV channel commited to eSports. Last year’s event was a massive success with 28 million impressions across all social media platforms and 2.4 million minutes watched on Twitch across the 300 players and 64 eSports teams who competed.


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