Clarkston Documentary to Premiere Trailer
By Oz Online | Published on January 28, 2019

Documentary on most diverse square mile of Atlanta to premiere first trailer

Known by its working title, Clarkston: Mother of Exiles, this documentary tells the story of the most diverse square mile in America, located right here in Georgia. While the full film will not be released until early 2020, the team has completed principal photography and is primed to release their first trailer on February 1st.

The full length documentary delves into personal stories such as how “in the wake of personal loss and trauma, three refugees and a former Klansman seek to re-establish their identities in a nation struggling with an identity crisis of its own. It accomplishes this by following the intimate journey of these unlikely companions connected by the most diverse square mile in America – Clarkston, Georgia.”

Clarkston is home to refugee support organizations and is the most concentrated area of refugees in the large state of Georgia. A visitor of Clarkston would be able to meet people representing over 150 ethnicities, and hear over 60 languages, certainly creating a hub of multiculturalism.

According to Producer/Director Erin Bernhardt, “It’s a place where a former white

supremacist and a former refugee, each from different faiths, are friends. A place where

encroaching bigotry is met with baklava and peaceful protest, where tribes at war around the

world find peace and reconciliation, and where U.S. veterans reconnect with the interpreters

they served alongside.”

The filmmakers of this documentary believe this is a pivotal time in history to highlight areas of peace, coming together, helping each other, and building community. The people of Clarkston speak of a commonality and respect for a unified humanity. The team includes a league of legendary members of the industry including winners of Sundance awards, Academy awards , Emmy awards , Peabody awards and more. Their goal is to hire as many locals, especially refugees, as possible for the project and to endow them with useful training and skills to be used in Georgia’s busy film industry.

For more information on the project, how you can help, and to view the trailer on February 1st please visit


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