Published on March 22, 2023
Expiration: March 22, 2023
Category: Casting Call
Company: Atlanta Casting Calls
Description: Casting (12) actors for feature film - Wheeler - View the Director discussing what he's looking for in these characters here: https://bit.ly/WHEELER-characters 1. Aldric Carlisle MALE: 30-55 He has trouble understanding the spectrum of emotions. He has emotions but registering others' emotions.He wants to push how far technology can go and the control of tech on government and society. Paris' mother dies and the two become hyper-obsessive with safety. Overly careful to not lose somebody else. His intentions are not evil, he doesn't see anything wrong with his plan. Control=Safety. He creates Cleo to make people feel safe. Cleo takes action because humans are unreliable and need to be passive. Sam Altman of the Open AI project is a good character study for this role. ______________________________________________________ 2. Dani FEMALE: 18-29 She has a bit of Wednesday Addams. She is fiercely independent and not afraid of being herself. She struggles with emotional connection. A risk-taker. She is seeking the very thing she is avoiding, emotion, and gets it from adrenaline instead. Emotional arc throughout film. ______________________________________________________ 3. Gilbert Swift (Gil) MALE: 30-39 Blake's partner in the force/friend. Age range: 30s. The Edin to Blake's Wednesday (Netflix: Wednesday). He is a work friend, not an "outside friend." He had to overcorrect with personality since he was an outcast as the bigger guy, not as athletic. Similar to Paul Walter Hauser (Cobra Kai) ______________________________________________________ 4. CARTER MALE: 60-75 The grit and appearance of an older Rock. Any ethnicity. Grandfather of Blake. He values the freedom of being off-grid and detached from Phaetron tech. Essentially, he comes to an agreement with Nora for them both to live their separate lifestyle. He would like to be closer to her but their values are too different. View the director discussing what he's looking for in this character here: bit.ly/WHEELER-characters ______________________________________________________ 5. Hector MALE: 25-39 Any ethnicity. He wants freedom but with the luxury of the city. Is tired of getting dust in his food in the desert. He followed Carter early on for freedom but doesn't like how this promise is manifested. He thought that they would be reintegrated into society. So, he is now trying to force the integration of the Wheelers' freedom and the city's luxury. Similar to Jeff Bridges, an older Idris Elba. Someone with grit. ______________________________________________________ 6. Blake Townes MALE: 18-35 Protagonist. Any Ethnicity. Approx.5'10"-6'10. Blake is a fit, strong person. Masculine. Very approachable. Looks like a nice guy. An athlete type. Helpful. He first develops friendships outside of the force when he meets the Wheelers. Blake grew up obedient and had a pretty good upbringing. His mother is the police Captain. His love for driving is repressed by the obedient and safety focused upbringing. He secretly drives in the desert. He has gotten so much validation from being obedient, receiving praise feels good but you can't repress your passion. Similar to Anthony Mackie (The Falcon); Paul Walker (Fast & Furious). ______________________________________________________ 7. Riley & Surgeon 18-99 Any ethnicity. Any Gender. Always at each other's throats. Great duo. Odd couple. Like the Malloy Brothers (Oceans 11); Rick & Morty (Rick & Morty); Eleanor and Chidi (The Good Place). ______________________________________________________ 8. Cleo 18-99 What Siri wants to be when she grows up. Futuristic, not necessarily robotic. Accent: possibly British. If a fully human voice was a 10 and a 1980s robotic voice was a 0, Cleo would be a 10. Everything she says sounds like "good job," she doesn't vary too much in emotion. She is positive affirmation again and again but speaks very human. Sounds human without the variety of emotion. ______________________________________________________ 9. Edward Baker 24-42 Chief engineer. Validation comes from scientific achievement. Loves to be on the cutting edge, the next innovation. More of a Bill Gates, less of a Steve Jobs. He is somebody who really loves a hyper-niche hobby. ______________________________________________________ 10. Captain Nora Townes FEMALE: 40-55 Open to any accent. Blake's mother. Looking for someone who has a specific dynamic with Blake. Carver is her father which is not revealed till the end of the film. Nora has gone the opposite way of her father, she is a lover of people but wants control to ensure safety and doesn't trust the "free" life that Carter lives. She values structures and rebels against the lifestyle of Carter. Committed to safety and discipline. A powerful maternal figure. ______________________________________________________ 11. Paris Carlisle FEMALE: 18-27 She has grown up with immense wealth. She is not completely down to earth but also not a complete rich kid attitude. When she lost her mother, it was hard to get emotional support from her father. So, she had to mature early. ______________________________________________________ 12. Technician 30-55 Similar to Edward Baker but not as highly intelligent. He looks up to Edward. Very Ned Flanders like motif. Very polite. ______________________________________________________ View the Director discussing what he's looking for in these characters here: https://bit.ly/WHEELER-characters
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