AJC Films Hosts Premiere

The AJC is making its debut on the big screen as their new division, AJC Films will premiere its first project, The South Got Something To Say, a documentary tracing hip-hop’s deep roots in Atlanta. 

Directors and brothers Ryon and Tyson Horne begin the journey with Outkast winning Best New Artist at the Source Awards and further explore how the music genre has defined local culture and the national music scene through conversations with Atlanta legends like Killer, Mike, Jermaine Dupri, Goodie Mob, Mayor Andre Dickens, former Mayor Andrew Young, and Senator Raphael Warnock.

This is more than just a music documentary,” ventured AJC president and former CNN+ chief Andrew Morse. “(It’s) really a documentary about Atlanta, because it’s really hard to look at Atlanta today without looking at hip-hop and what an important part of this culture it is.”

Filming and production took place in Atlanta from April to September, and considering this is their first foray into the movie business, the AJC has agreed to a representation deal with the United Talent Agency (UTA), who recently opened an Atlanta office.
“Our relationship with the AJC reflects the immense value we place on Atlanta, its artists, and their stories,” explained UTA’s Atlanta Partner, Steve Cohen. “We look forward to elevating AJC’s world-class storytelling in film and television and honor the creative legacy of this powerhouse of a city. I can’t think of a better way to launch AJC Films and to celebrate the essential contributions of Southern artists to 50 incredible years of hip hop than with The South Got Something to Say.